The past year showcased a lot of changes for businesses around the globe, most noticeably the shift from in-person work to remote or virtual work. Bookkeeping is a significant part of running a business, which is what makes remote bookkeeping such an appealing option for companies and small business owners across Canada. 

How Does Remote Bookkeeping Work? 

Thanks to the internet, remote bookkeeping can be done efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the county. All we require as your bookkeeper is access to the business’s accounting software, servers, and financial documents. 

Remote bookkeepers can perform the same functions as in-house bookkeepers, from maintaining the accounts and taking care of taxes to processing payroll and analyzing a company’s financial health

Benefits of Remote Bookkeeping

Remote bookkeeping offers several advantages, including flexibility and choice. Now the pool of expertise is much larger, you can choose to work with a team across the country if they are the best fit. Because meetings can be virtual, and files shared electronically, you no longer need to drop off files and meet with your bookkeeper in person. This saves a lot of time, and our clients just love how quickly their monthly books can be completed, with very little time and energy on their part. Some of the other reasons companies are opting for remote bookkeeping are:


The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to change the way they did things, with many companies worldwide switching to a lean workforce. In essence, the idea is to do more with less, and remote bookkeeping ticks all these boxes. Bookkeeping is a vital business function, but it’s also a function that can be easily delegated or outsourced to a qualified expert. 

Allowing a remote bookkeeper to carry out your accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities won’t just free up more time for you and your employees—it also helps increase productivity by allowing you to better manage your time. 

Easily Available

It’s not easy to find an in-house bookkeeper with the perfect combination of skill, experience (industry-specific and otherwise), and cost.

Remote bookkeepers don’t have the constraints of in-house bookkeeping—they can work from virtually anywhere, which means that even if your perfect and qualified bookkeeper is in another province, they can still take care of your bookkeeping. And even better, hiring a team of bookkeepers means that you have overlap in expertise and knowledge of your accounts, which our clients appreciate. No sick days, vacation gaps or staff changes. We cover all of those typical staffing issues, offering you seamless service! 

Remote bookkeeping is an effective and convenient way to make sure your business doesn’t fall behind on your books. If you’re looking to hire a bookkeeper, or have any questions about bookkeeping, get in touch with Dedicated Bookkeeping Solutions today. Our expert team has been navigating the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping for the past 12 years, and we look forward to helping you, too!