In an age where new business ventures are being started every single day, it’s important for business owners to know how to get on the path to success. And while this can mean making smart decisions and creative marketing campaigns, one of your priorities should definitely be to hire a qualified CPA. But where do you start? 

At Dedicated Bookkeeping Solutions, we know how to navigate the world of bookkeeping and accounting. When looking for a CPA for your business, here’s what you should be asking. 

1. How Can They Help Your Business?

If you find a CPA with experience in your industry, make sure you know what they can do for you. Business needs are nuanced, and cookie-cutter steps might work for some but not all.

Consider how they’ve helped other businesses and whether your business can benefit from the same practices. Even after you determine the experience a CPA has with companies like yours, take into consideration what you expect from them and whether they can deliver. 

2. What Is the Scope of Services They Offer?

Just like your business has different needs, accountants can provide different services—some may focus on taxes and audits, while others might be experts in streamlining the financial performance aspect of your business. 

Depending on whether you just need transactional duties or strategic and analytical help, you’ll need to make sure the CPA you choose has the experience and qualifications for it. In addition, make sure you know when they’re available. Some accountants aren’t available year-round, which can be difficult for small businesses. 

3. What Is Their Pricing Model? 

Some CPAs have hourly pricing models and others have a flat fee. Depending on your needs and how much work you require from your CPA, make sure you make the right choice for your business. Be prepared to pay well for a CPA who can offer tailored services so you can maintain the level of involvement you prefer. Know what you are paying for before you get hit with additional fees. Here at Dedicated Bookkeeping Services, we work on a flat fee and are available anytime you need us!

4. What Do They Expect from You? 

It’s important to know exactly what your CPA expects from you in order to make sure you get the best service possible. Your CPA will likely require you to make record transfers or hold occasional meetings. Before you hire a CPA, make sure to outline expectations from both sides so they have everything they need to fulfill your needs. 

5. What Industry Do They Specialize In? 

This last point we are mentioning because many people feel a CPA needs experience in your specific industry, but we don’t recommend putting too much weight on this last question. Business needs usually change depending on the industry, so a CPA with experience could be more helpful than one without. But what really matters is that the CPA is well educated, listens to your unique business challenges and is someone you feel you can trust. 

A good CPA will do the research necessary to understand how it works, and will be aware of industry-specific best practices. 

At Dedicated Bookkeeping Solutions, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate already. We provide our services to startups, small businesses, and corporate companies, so contact us today! We look forward to helping make your life and business run smoother.